Highway & Traffic Engineering

Naik can assess operations and safety by analyzing the current geometric conditions, traffic volumes, and driver behavior.

Through our capacity analyses and crash investigations, we develop concepts for enhanced signage, pavement markings, and traffic signals to enhance the safety and functionality of the local community.

We offer a wide range of transportation analysis, planning, and engineering services, encompassing both conventional and cutting-edge approaches. Our services include temporary traffic signal design, pedestrian safety assessments, traffic management, signage and road marking design, network microsimulation analysis, intersection performance and safety evaluations, ADA compliance reviews, crash analysis using the Highway Safety Manual, parking studies, detour planning, and Traffic Impact Studies.

  • Roadway Alignments
  • Pavement Markings
  • Construction Staging
  • Roadway and Traffic Safety
  • Roadway Drainage
  • Maintenance and Protection of Traffic
  • Traffic Operations Analysis
  • Capacity and Corridor Analysis
  • Crash and Safety analysis
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Data Collection and Speed Studies
  • Microsimulation and Traffic Modeling
  • Mitigation and Countermeasure Design
  • Inspection and Turn-Ons