Rehabilitation of Newark Airport Terminal Roadways

  • Client: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
  • Location: Newark, NJ

Project Overview

We were entrusted with a range of tasks related to the paving and grading of existing roadways, as well as the development of Maintenance of Traffic and Pavement Marking Plans for several key locations within Newark International Airport. These locations included: Short Term Parking Roadway in front of Terminal A (3,010 linear feet); Bridge N9/A Ramp from Lindbergh Road (575 linear feet); Main Entrance Roadway (875 linear feet); Brewster Road (5,940 linear feet).

Our comprehensive responsibilities encompassed the meticulous review of available documents, conducting site visits, and scrutinizing contract drawings covering all facets of roadway elements. This included the planning and execution of paving, grading, and drainage plans, as well as the incorporation of profile and proposed spot elevations, detailed designs, and the development of maintenance of traffic drawings. These traffic drawings included pedestrian and vehicle detour plans, meticulously crafted in adherence to current federal regulations (MUTCD) and the design standards set forth by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ).