The Naik Group has established itself as a reliable partner in the engineering field for more than 26 years. With a strong commitment to accountability and innovation, our top-notch design and construction experts consistently deliver technically robust engineering solutions that breathe life into extensive commercial and transportation ventures.

Founded in 1997, our firm boasts a skilled and diverse workforce of approximately 200 professionals who share a unified objective: to work collaboratively in aiding our clients in overcoming intricate construction hurdles while offering engineering solutions to enhance infrastructure and transform the way we travel. From project inception to finalization, from design to construction, our project teams consistently strive for excellence.

The Naik Advantage

Safety First

At Naik, maintaining a safe working environment for all employees and everyone on our jobsites is our priority. With OSHA trainers on staff, we actively pursue OSHA certifications and promote a proactive safety culture to protect our employees and ensure smooth project operations.

Deep Bench of Talent

Naik offers a team of skilled engineers and construction experts specializing in civil, traffic, and structural engineering. With extensive industry experience, we’ve played pivotal roles in major projects for municipal, state, and federal agencies nationwide.

A Proven Track Record

Naik excels in delivering large-scale, complex transportation and commercial projects in heavily traveled regions across the country. Our expert team provides engineering solutions to address logistics and scheduling challenges, ensuring our projects stay on track.

Mitigate Risk

Naik excels in risk mitigation by conducting thorough risk identification and assessment. Our meticulous crafting of Risk Management Plans prioritizes risk avoidance and reduction strategies. Across the project lifecycle, our team is dedicated to the diligent implementation of these plans to monitor progress and proactively mitigate potential impacts linked to identified risks.

Ahead of the Curve

At Naik, we’re committed to embracing technology as the path to progress. To stay at the forefront, we leverage cutting-edge construction software programs, enabling us to effectively and efficiently manage project costs, inspection logs, labor hours, and the bidding process.

Agency Coordination

Due to our history of working on diverse engineering and construction projects, we have built relationships with agencies throughout the New York Metropolitan area and Philadelphia. These relationships are a crucial element to navigate the project life cycle, using our knowledge to communicate with the multiple stakeholders including law enforcement and major utilities.