Safety Enhancements at Passaic and Ward Avenue

  • Client: New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • Location: Clifton, NJ

Project Overview

We are currently in the advanced stages of designing a comprehensive safety improvement project aimed at mitigating the high incidence of vehicular accidents at a specific location. The project encompasses several key elements, including the installation of a new traffic signal, a reconfiguration of traffic patterns at the intersection of Passaic Avenue and Ward Avenue, and the optimization of the eastbound entrance and exit ramps on Route 3 to accommodate large trucks. Furthermore, adjustments will be made to the Ward Avenue/EB Ramps/Kensington Avenue intersection to proactively address safety concerns.

Vegetation clearing within the infield areas of Route 3’s eastbound and westbound ramps is planned to enhance sightlines, fostering improved safety conditions. Pedestrian safety is a priority, and we are introducing new sidewalks, crosswalks, and curb ramps throughout the interchange, establishing a continuous pathway and enabling easier access to existing bus stops along Route 3. Lastly, geometric enhancements are slated for the westbound ramps on Route 3 at the Passaic Avenue intersection. Collectively, these measures serve to comprehensively address safety issues and enhance the flow of traffic at this critical location.