Traffic Engineering Services at LaGuardia Airport

  • Client: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
  • Location: Queens, NY

Project Overview

As an integral part of the comprehensive redevelopment and operational initiatives aimed at enhancing LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B under the auspices of the Port Authority NY/NJ, our team was entrusted with the critical task of executing ‘On-Site Work Zone Traffic Control.’ This multifaceted responsibility entailed the skilled management of construction activities pertaining to both temporary and permanent infrastructure components located within the landslide area.

Our scope of duties extended to the meticulous design and implementation of Maintenance of Traffic Plans and Pedestrian Detour Plans tailored to various work zones within the airport’s extensive precincts. These meticulously crafted plans addressed a diverse array of crucial areas, including the Grand Central Parkway, intricate internal circulation roadways, the bustling frontages of three terminal structures, the complex infrastructure of two parking garage facilities, the strategic layout of two surface parking lot facilities, and the intricate network of pedestrian pathways intricately woven throughout the airport’s sprawling landscape.