Project Category: Survey & Laser Scanning

Enhancements to Route 49 and Buckshutem Road Intersection

The Route 49 project encompasses six intersections plagued by substandard geometric features, safety concerns, and operational inefficiencies. We have taken on the responsibility of coordinating all aspects related to surveying, right-of-way (ROW) assessment, and base mapping for the intersection enhancements, which notably included the construction of a traffic circle. Our dedicated survey teams diligently identified […] Read More

Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) Triple Cantilever

We conducted an extensive survey for the BQE project, covering a wide range of topographic and right-of-way assessments. This project area encompasses the stretch from Sands Street in the east to Atlantic Avenue in the west, which includes the entirety of the Atlantic Avenue Interchange located in Brooklyn, New York. Within these boundaries, a total […] Read More

Bridge Improvements to Smithtown Viaduct and Old Town Road Bridge

Our team was commissioned to conduct topographic and bridge surveys for two critical bridges: the Smithtown Viaduct in Smithtown, NY, and the Old Town Road Bridge in East Setauket, NY. The purpose of these surveys was to support the replacement of wooden railroad ties on these open deck bridges. To ensure accuracy and efficiency, Naik […] Read More

Fulton Street Transit Center

Our team played a pivotal role in the comprehensive development of the new NYCT hub, known today as the Fulton Center. Our services encompassed the complete topographic and utility surveying of structural elements at five stations and roadways, which included columns, girders, platforms, tracks, switches, and various station-related features. In addition to these tasks, we […] Read More

Survey & Laser Scanning

An essential step in the planning of any engineering project involves the collection of survey data and the precise mapping of the project site. With a seasoned crew, cutting-edge survey equipment, and a deep commitment to excellence, Naik upholds a superior standard of work and takes full ownership of every project. We are unwavering in […] Read More