Bridge Improvements to Smithtown Viaduct and Old Town Road Bridge

  • Client: MTA / Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)
  • Location: Long Island, NY

Project Overview

Our team was commissioned to conduct topographic and bridge surveys for two critical bridges: the Smithtown Viaduct in Smithtown, NY, and the Old Town Road Bridge in East Setauket, NY. The purpose of these surveys was to support the replacement of wooden railroad ties on these open deck bridges.

To ensure accuracy and efficiency, Naik is employing a combination of advanced techniques, including 3D laser scanning, GPS technology, and conventional survey methods. This comprehensive approach allows us to gather precise field data essential for providing a complete and cost-effective solution. Importantly, our methodology is designed to minimize disruption to railroad operations.

As part of our work, we will establish a Survey Control Network adhering to NAD83 Horizontal datum and NAVD88 Vertical datum, in strict accordance with LIRR requirements.

In our surveying work, we determine rail-to-girder elevations every five railroad ties, identify bottom girder elevations on both sides of plate transitions, and outline track alignments on survey drawings, all while supporting the B&B crew in their daily tasks for structures design.

We have implemented fall protection measures in compliance with OSHA regulations during the data collection for these elevated and open deck bridges, with the project scheduled for completion within two months.