Fulton Street Transit Center

  • Client: MTA Construction & Development
  • Location: New York, NY

Project Overview

Our team played a pivotal role in the comprehensive development of the new NYCT hub, known today as the Fulton Center. Our services encompassed the complete topographic and utility surveying of structural elements at five stations and roadways, which included columns, girders, platforms, tracks, switches, and various station-related features.

In addition to these tasks, we undertook drainage, utility, and sewer design activities along Fulton Street and Broadway, addressing relocated sewers beneath the platform (IRT 4/5), and collaborated on the design coordination of electrical services along John Street for Con Edison. The scope of our involvement also encompassed the preparation of construction drawings, coordination with utility providers, the implementation of a utility test-pit program and subsequent report, and resolution of construction-related queries.

Our team went beyond by establishing a subordinate horizontal and vertical control network within the station’s boundaries, directly linked to the primary network. Furthermore, we conducted a comprehensive utility survey, spanning from building line to building line, and this network played a crucial role in survey observations of critical structural and utility elements.

It’s worth noting that this project was honored with the prestigious ‘ACECNY Engineering Excellence Award.’