Project Category: Flagship Projects

Times Square Shuttle

New York City Transit has embarked on an ambitious endeavor to revitalize and modernize the Times Square and Grand Central Shuttle, originally constructed in the 1930s and located within the Time Square Station Complex. This reconstruction project for the Shuttle Station addresses long-standing deficiencies in the station layout, which have historically hindered efficient operations, passenger […] Read More

Improvements to Signalized Intersections on Route 28

We are actively engaged in providing utility and traffic engineering support to the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) for an intersection improvement project located along Route 28, spanning from I-287 (Exit 14) to Thompson Avenue. Our traffic engineering services encompass a comprehensive analysis of traffic capacity and Level of Service (LOS), the design of […] Read More

New Flood Resilient Substation at Henderson Street

As the primary consultant, we provided construction management services directly for NJ Transit for the construction of a new dual feeder substation, rated at 26.4 KV, and the installation of three diesel-powered 1000kW generators. This project is located at the former site of the Boiler House, adjacent to the Pullman Rail Yard. The impetus for […] Read More

Transit-Oriented Redevelopment of the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Grand Central Station

The 175 Park Redevelopment Project, which operates as a design-build initiative, encompasses several critical aspects. It includes the demolition of the Hyatt Grand Central and the construction of a 1,575-foot structure directly above active train tracks within the Grand Central Station complex. Within this project, we assume the role of Construction and Construction Management (CCM) […] Read More

Rehabilitation of Rutgers Tube

The Rutgers Tube Project was undertaken to restore and upgrade various systems and components within the Rutgers Tube that had sustained damage during Superstorm Sandy. Additionally, it addressed systems and components that had reached the end of their operational lifespan. The overarching goal was to achieve State of Good Repair (SOGR) and enhance long-term resilience […] Read More

Rehabilitation of Ely & Bruner Avenues

Our civil and traffic design teams are currently engaged in engineering design and overseeing various subconsultants specializing in geotechnical, environmental, and landscape aspects for the rehabilitation of three local streets located in the Bronx, New York. Among these streets, Ely and Bruner Avenues, in particular, have experienced substantial settlement and subsidence issues due to prior […] Read More

Replacement of 11 Elevators at 7 Subway Stations

We were entrusted with providing construction management services for MTA C&D as part of the elevator renovation project spanning seven stations across the transit system. These stations included Jamaica Center, Sutphin Blvd., Flatbush Avenue – Brooklyn College, Church Ave., 34th Street – Harold Square, and 207th Street in Manhattan. The project’s scope involved the comprehensive […] Read More

Vertical Accessibility, Station Modernization Upgrades to Grand Central Station

As part of the ongoing efforts to restore Grand Central Station, the MTA has initiated a project titled ‘Grand Central Station Replacement of Mezzanine Finishes, Escalators, and Replacement & Structural Repairs on the Lexington and Flushing Lines.’ This comprehensive project, conducted in two phases, involves the issuance of both RFQ and RFP processes for a […] Read More

Utility Relocation for the New Second Avenue Subway

The MTA’s ambitious Second Avenue Subway (SAS) project in Manhattan is planned to unfold across four distinct phases. Once completed, the SAS will span an impressive 8 miles, connecting Harlem’s 125th Street to Lower Manhattan’s Financial District. This extensive undertaking involves the installation of 19.5 miles of new track, including facilities like storage yards and […] Read More