Utility Relocation for the New Second Avenue Subway

  • Client: MTA Construction & Development
  • Location: New York, NY

Project Overview

The MTA’s ambitious Second Avenue Subway (SAS) project in Manhattan is planned to unfold across four distinct phases. Once completed, the SAS will span an impressive 8 miles, connecting Harlem’s 125th Street to Lower Manhattan’s Financial District. This extensive undertaking involves the installation of 19.5 miles of new track, including facilities like storage yards and lay-up tracks, and the establishment of 16 brand-new subway stations. The SAS project stands as one of the most intricate and demanding mega-projects ever tackled by the MTA. Phase 1 of the SAS was successfully opened to the public on December 31st, 2016, with a total cost of $4.5 billion.

Here is a detailed discussion of our roles and responsibilities in this significant undertaking:

  1. Project Management services and expert technical support.
  2. Oversight of Contractors’ work to ensure compliance with contractual requirements.
  3. Led multiple inspection teams for each station and analyzed findings for thousands of work activities.
  4. Developed individual action plans at each location.
  5. Prepared Weekly Project Progress Reports and periodic updates to MTACC Senior Management.
  6. Monitored Contractors’ personnel on a “time and material” basis for change orders.
  7. Negotiated and closed out hundreds of complex and high-dollar value change orders and claims.