Transit-Oriented Redevelopment of the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Grand Central Station

  • Client: MTA Construction & Development
  • Location: New York, NY

Project Overview

The 175 Park Redevelopment Project, which operates as a design-build initiative, encompasses several critical aspects. It includes the demolition of the Hyatt Grand Central and the construction of a 1,575-foot structure directly above active train tracks within the Grand Central Station complex. Within this project, we assume the role of Construction and Construction Management (CCM) for the elements directly impacting NYCT and Metro North spaces.

These responsibilities involve overseeing the creation of a new 5,238-square-foot transit hall, implementing upgrades to the Lexington Avenue Passage, and establishing a new 42nd street subway entrance. This encompasses tasks such as relocating fare collection areas to the surface level, constructing new concourse spaces, and creating an entrance hall at the surface level. Additionally, our responsibilities entail installing new elevators and escalators to serve the Flushing IRT line station.

In tandem with these construction activities, our role extends to providing comprehensive design review services, covering Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Communication, Structural Engineering, as well as Architectural assessments and code compliance evaluations. Our team has been instrumental in offering feedback on the drawings and specifications generated by the design-build firm, from the initial concept stage through to the creation of conformed drawings and permit applications.

As the program manager for this project, we are tasked with providing vigilant oversight throughout all phases of the Design Development and Construction Contract process, including milestones at 30%, 60%, 90%, and the Final Construction Documents.