Project Category: Civil & Utility Engineering

Civil/Site Engineering for 180-Bed Long-Term Care Facility

Our civil team conducted a feasibility study for a pre-selected site designated for the construction of a 180-bed Long Term Care Facility. During the subsequent design phase, we were responsible for the civil design of a 14.8-acre parcel, which encompassed a four-story, 27,769 square foot building, an associated parking lot, and the installation of 1,236 […] Read More

Utility Engineering for Terminal One Redevelopment at Newark Airport

As a vital member of the design-build team, our contributions encompassed utility engineering services and the structural design of utility foundations crucial to the $2.7 billion Terminal One major redevelopment project. Our utility engineering services entailed meticulous coordination with utility companies, PANYNJ personnel, and the Tutor Perini/Parsons design-build team. This coordination was essential to review […] Read More

Drainage Study and Improvements Township Wide

Our civil engineering team was tasked with addressing drainage issues at nine sites within Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, aimed at mitigating flooding problems. The project involved a comprehensive approach, including the enhancement of existing roadway stormwater systems to boost capacity, as well as the addition of new inlets and pipes to efficiently capture and channel […] Read More

Relocation of Storm Sewer at West 207th Street Yard

Our firm was engaged to undertake the intricate design and relocation of the existing New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) interceptor sewer, which traverses the extensive W 207th Street New York City Transit (NYCT) Rail Yard, the second largest rail yard in New York City. The sewer relocation initiative spans from W 215th […] Read More

Civil & Utility Engineering

Streetscapes, municipal roads, county highways, and multi-lane expressways may encounter varying traffic volumes, adhere to diverse Federal, State, County, or community regulations, and serve distinct destinations, yet they all necessitate effective civil engineering. Successful civil and roadway projects, regardless of their scale, rely on the meticulous application of sound engineering principles, unwavering attention to detail, […] Read More