Drainage Study and Improvements Township Wide

  • Client: Woodbridge Township, NJ
  • Location: Woodbridge Township, NJ

Project Overview

Our civil engineering team was tasked with addressing drainage issues at nine sites within Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, aimed at mitigating flooding problems. The project involved a comprehensive approach, including the enhancement of existing roadway stormwater systems to boost capacity, as well as the addition of new inlets and pipes to efficiently capture and channel runoff.

To combat flooding in residential areas, we implemented drainage solutions, including the installation of a new system in backyards. Furthermore, at three locations, we are in the process of obtaining a permit from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for outfalls into existing waterways.

To ensure smooth implementation, we utilized Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) techniques to identify and address potential conflicts between proposed drainage improvements and pre-existing underground utilities. In total, the project encompasses approximately 5,400 linear feet of new pipe, the installation of 36 new inlets and manholes, and the reconstruction of 30 existing inlets and manholes.