Hina Patel, PE, PMP

Vice President, New Jersey Operations

After graduating from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Building Engineering, Ms. Patel worked for 24 years at a well-known firm leading a program of over $600M with over 20 active highway, bridge, ITS, and Local Aid Projects.

Ms. Patel also has more than two decades of disciplined engineering experience in project delivery and results-driven business acumen, plus more than 25 years of experience in design and management for numerous State and Federal agencies, including NJ Department of Transportation, NJ Turnpike Authority, and several Local, Municipal Counties and Improvement Authorities.

At Naik Group, Ms. Patel leads a team of innovative professionals. Together, they are committed to partnering with clients and delivering long-term solutions for the transportation industry. What sets Ms. Patel apart is her passion to serve the industry and ability to bring out the best in her team as role model for change, diversity, and commitment to client value.

Ms. Patel, a polyglot, published researcher, and author, obtained her MBA from Ramapo College of NJ (Summa, Cum, Laude). Lastly, she is a member of the ACECNJ Executive Committee and actively participates in various other organizations. With her unique perspective and aim for excellence, Ms. Patel will continue to provide inspirational leadership as a Project Management Professional and a licensed Professional Engineer in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Outside of Naik Group, her favorite activities and interests include spending time with family, hiking in the Adirondacks (sometimes in altitudes of 4,000 feet), growing exotic plants, and training in Indian classical dance (Kathak).