Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewer Pump Station at Koppers Koke

  • Client: Woodbridge Township, NJ
  • Location: Woodbridge, NJ

Project Overview

Our team is currently engaged in providing design and engineering services for the rehabilitation of the Koppers Koke Sanitary Sewer Pump Station, which is situated at Key Court and Port Reading Avenue in Port Reading, NJ. Our efforts are aimed at preserving and enhancing the station, thereby extending its operational life.

The rehabilitation work is confined to the existing station footprint and involves the removal of the current service equipment. This will be replaced with a new set of components, including a meter, manual transfer switch, generator hookup, 15KVA 480V/208V transformer, 208V panel, pump controllers, and instrumentation.

Furthermore, we will be enhancing the station’s security measures by upgrading the existing lighting, lighting controls, and fencing. Prior to commencing this project, a comprehensive protection and coordination study was conducted to ensure its successful execution.