Traffic Engineering & ITS

Traffic Signal Design

Pedestrian Safety Audits

Maintenance & Protection of Traffic

Corridor/Access Studies

Roadway/ Area Lighting Design

Traffic Operations Review

Crash Analysis

Traffic System Analysis

Traffic Impact Reports

Signing & Striping Plans

ADA Compliance Assessments

Intersection Performance and Safety Evaluation

Preparation of Traffic Regulations

Delineation and Channelization

Detours and Crossovers

Capacity Analysis

Roadside Access

Traffic Staging Plans

Parking Studies

Railroad & Emergency Vehicle Preemption

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Roadway Safety Review

Design and Testing of a Completed and Operational ITS System, Including DMS, CCTV, CTSS, and Traffic Detectors

ITS Architectures & Systems Engineering Process

Data and Video Communications Networks and Systems Integration, Including Fiber and Wireless Systems

Design, Deployment & Operation of ITS Technologies

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