Successful projects are delivered through the application of sound engineering principles, which are balanced and influenced by Federal, State, County and/or community standards and site aesthetics. Underlying but connecting these elements are the common threads of attention to detail, client communication, cost control and a final product that is provided within established time frames. Whether it’s a streetscape, local municipal road, County roadway or multi-lane high speed expressway, Naik is experienced in dealing with each unique project and its own set of challenges.

Our team recognizes that well-conceived plans are based upon a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements and investigation of site constraints performed prior to development of the design and construction plan. We perform a detailed review of all existing records and data together with on-site exploration as required upon project initiation. Our experience encompasses projects ranging from county roadways and highways to large-scale controlled access highways throughout New York and New Jersey.

Access & Parking Management
ADA Compliance
Bikeways and Bike Paths
Conceptual Site Layout
DEP Approval
Feasibility Studies
Land Development
Land Surveying
LEED Certification
Parking Design
Pedestrian Facilities
Planning Board Approval
Roadway and Street Design
Site Grading & Drainage
Site Planning, Design & Analysis
Soil Erosion Control
Stormwater Management
Streetscape Design
Traffic Studies/Operations
Utility Engineering /SUE
Water Discharge Systems
Zoning Approval


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