Safety Engineer

  • Assist the project management team in developing and executing site specific safety program and activities
  • Attend, coordinate, and conduct safety orientation and training programs
  • Document and track all safety violations, unsafe conditions, etc.
  • Conduct work area safety audits
  • Coordinate OSHA reporting and posting requirements
  • Review Safety Submittals and attend preconstruction and preparatory meetings with subcontractors
  • Assist with the organization and implementation of project safety celebrations and recognition/reward programs
  • Participate in and contribute to project planning and hazard analysis
  • Provide resource of safety related information
  • Evaluate and offer solutions for industrial hygiene concerns
  • Maintain operational knowledge of construction safety, OSHA, ANSI, and other applicable standards, regulations, laws, and procedures
  • Serve as resource for safety issues or concerns for all project team members
  • Attend and/or chair safety meetings
  • Interface with client safety personnel, union representatives, insurance risk engineers etc.
  • Accompany safety, health, insurance and OSHA personnel on work-site tours
  • Ensure maintenance and inspection of safety equipment and protective wear


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Safety,  Occupational Health or a related field (desired but not required)
  • At a minimum have completed an OSHA 30 Hour
  • Candidates must have the ability to implement Safety programs
  • Must have the ability to work under pressure, closely overseeing and tracking safety details of multiple      projects.
  • Must have valid Driver’s License.
  • Good written and oral communication skills required in order to work effectively with internal team members and external client personnel.
  • Must be able to use MS Word and Excel.

Required Education/Experience

  • Five (5) years’ experience
  • MTA Experience
  • OSHA 30 Certification
  • Right-of-Way Experience
  • 40-Hour Site Safety Manager certificate
  • SSPC-C3 Lead
  • New York City Track Safety Training
  • 4 hr. Supported Scaffold User certificate
  • Confined Space entry/attendant/supervisor certificate
  • NYSDOL Asbestos Inspector License
  • CPR &First Aid certificate

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