Office Engineer

The Naik Group is looking for an Office Engineer for our New Jersey Office.

The individual will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that documents for construction projects are received, dealt with, and filed and actions taken such that the project does not experience delays.  Works with project staff to maintain project documentation, process all paperwork and progress pay estimates, advise the resident engineer and staff of project status, assist the Project Manager in preparing monthly project reports for the client.  This position also requires work on document control, RFI, and other submittal processing, contract change order processing, review of labor compliance documentation, and reports to the Resident Engineer on these aspects of the project.
  • Developing and/or setting up or using a document control system to handle construction projects and track all submittals/RFI’s/Change Orders/ Inspections Reports/etc.
  • Responsible for the accurate processing of submittals in order to ensure the correct products and materials are installed throughout the project. Manages the submittal log and coordinate submittal drawings with subcontractors.
  • Ensuring that the project is compliant in all ways. This involves verifying that contractors and all other contract work are compliant with the terms of the contract. Ensures that project work stays compliant with industry standards, specifications, building codes, and design instructions.
  • Acts as liaisons between project management, subcontractors, and site engineers to resolve problems so not to stall the project’s progress.
  • Reviews the project plans and documents to verify authenticity and accuracy.

Desired Education/Experience

  • A College or Technical Degree and five (5) years’ experience preferably working on Transportation projects
  • ACI-CCTC Certification
  • ACI Certified
  • NJ SAT Certified
  • Rutgers TCP Certified
  • NICET III/IV a plus
  • Experience managing people on construction projects

Full Benefits Package offered.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Construction Management, or a related field
  • Technical construction skills – Intimate familiarity with all aspects of construction projects, including practical and technical construction skills. This includes being familiar with local building and construction codes.
  • Contract management – it’s the office engineer’s job to make sure contracts are followed and managed appropriately, so they should be familiar with contract language and organization
  • Communication skills – since office engineers work with everyone on the project, they should be communication rock stars who can resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently.  Good written and oral communication skills required in order to work effectively with internal team members and external client personnel.
  • Must be able to navigate through and use relative computer software.

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