Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer is needed to perform the following duties 

  •    Support Engineer in charge on P36444 – Rutgers Tube Rehabilitation and E40852 – Sandy Resiliency: 3 Pump Rooms (53rdSt Tube).
  • Perform Safety Manager duties such as:
  • Implement safety procedures to ensure work is conducted safely.
  • Conducting accident investigations and evaluating processes and designs for engineering safety.
  • Assist the Resident Engineer in processing the payments.
  • Perform daily inspections to verify that all work is performed by in accordance with the plans/specifications and quality requirement.
  • Prepare daily inspection reports.
  • Develop and/or set-up the project’s document control system and track all project documents including submittals/RFI’s/Change Orders/ Inspections Reports/etc. for the duration of the project and provide field reports during Testing and Commissioning.
  • Assisting the Resident Engineer in reviewing and implementing RFis and change orders.
  • Act as liaison between project management, Contractor, sub-contractors, and site engineers to resolve problems before they adversely impact the project’s schedule and/or budget.
  • Ensure that all aspects of the project are performed in compliance with contract drawings and specifications and notify the Resident Engineer/Project Manager if discrepancies are discovered.
  • Verify that the Contractor and other project staff are in compliance with all contractual requirements and other relevant policies, procedures, industry standards, specifications, building codes and design instructions.
  • Prepare and maintain Project Schedule using Microsoft Excel.
  • Review contract documents, blueprints, and plans.

Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering or construction Engineering and Management