Richard Baron, P.L.S.

R Baron B&W

Mr. Baron is currently the Director of Survey for Naik’s New Jersey Operations. He has over 40 years of diversified experience in the Land Surveying Profession which includes: boundary, hydrographic, topographic, structural, riparian, cadastral, construction, and Right of Way (ROW) and GPS surveys as well as horizontal and vertical control for photo computation. Mr. Baron has the background and knowledge enabling him to utilize the appropriate technology to successfully meet the needs of each individual project. He has been responsible for managing survey services in the office and field including; record research for boundary surveys, record keeping, data processing, traverse adjustment, writing legal descriptions and reports, subdivision design, plotting, field data collection, calculations, the preparation of base-mapping, and client relations. His work experience includes the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), sub-aqueous bottom profiling equipment for Hydrographic Surveys, 3D Laser Scanning and precision electronic total stations in conjunction with electronic data collectors and traditional as well as digital level equipment.  His responsibilities have included the evaluation and purchasing of equipment and software along with  training and hiring of personnel.