William A. Easterbrook Jr., P.L.S.


Senior Vice President/Director of Survey/ROW-NY

Mr. Easterbrook has 48 years of extensive experience in providing professional surveying services to the public and private sectors, including geodetic and primary control, route, topographic, structural, structural monitoring, cadastral, boundary, bathy-metric, riparian, construction, and right of way surveys for transportation networks and facilities, commercial, industrial and residential developments. These services have been performed for federal, state, county, city, municipal, and transportation authorities/agencies and private organizations. Several State Departments of Transportation have incorporated portions of Right of Way Plans, prepared under Mr. Easterbrook’s direction, into their Standard Procedural Manuals as examples to be utilized, by consultants, in the preparation of the same. Innovative methodologies and procedures, which Mr. Easterbrook has developed, coupled with state of the art technological advances in surveying equipment/software have provided excellent resultant data on many challenging projects. Mr. Easterbrook’s experience includes the utilization of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) with dual frequency receivers in the static, rapid static, stop and go and kinematic modes; Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) coupled with sub-aqueous bottom profiling equipment for bathy-metric surveys; Servo-Robotic electronic total stations, for “low to no light” observations; precision electronic total stations coupled with electronic data collectors; Electronic Digital Scanning (Bar Code) Levels. He received his Certificate of Civil Engineering and Construction Technology from the Newark College of Engineering B and is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor Engineer in the States of New Jersey and New York.